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Fauna monitoring from camera traps

Camera traps are an excellent tool for collecting a wealth of information about animal populations.  With the use of an appropriate number of cameras and relevant statistical models, it is possible to estimate the density of individual species studied during the inventory, on the basis of a detailed analysis of the recorded material. Advanced statistical calculations make it possible to determine animal numbers with the indication of confidence level while bearing in mind that the studied populations are constantly changing, and the inventory is a random process. We set up our own equipment in the area covered by the inventory and ensure full technical support.

The final outcome of the inventory is a report presenting the estimates of the density, gender and age structure, as well as location of rare and protected species. It is compiled by scientists who have been dealing with population biology for many years.


Camera-traps are a perfect tool for observing animals. They allow for collecting information on their habits, behaviour, daily activities or age and gender structure of the population. It is not uncommon to register species that are very rare and hard to detect. Collected data consists of a very insightful educational material. 

Services with the use of camera-traps:

Annual/periodic animal monitoring.

Observing the habitats of preserved species.

Acquiring the educational material of local fauna.

Estimating animal numbers.

Inventory of large game

Large game inventory services are conducted in open field and on forest grounds with the use of innovative method developed by our company.

The footage is acquired by an UAV with high class Thermo Vision Sensor. Data collected during the flight is analysed by a deep neural networks (AI) based software. It allows for an analysis of up to a thousand of photos in a very short time period. 

The most essential result of terrain work is a report reflecting an estimated game population within different species. On client’s request, it can be supplemented with a cartographic projection. 

Main advantages of our methods are: precision, effectiveness and non-invasiveness. During field work, animals aren’t disturbed or captured. The use of unmanned aviary platforms allows for taking inventory in remote areas. Since only two staff members are needed to sufficiently carry out all the tasks, consequently this technique outperforms a widely used method of game-drive. 

Follow deer

Follow Deer App was created with foresters, academics and nature lovers in mind. It will make an everyday work of a forester effortless. Its main purpose is to enable the user to quickly estimate the average animal population. The App’s clarity and simplicity makes it a very useful tool during field work.


Additionally, we offer a detailed analysis based on database application. It provides the client with the information on, among others, population structure of the game, direction of migration, analysis of the age and gender structure within the population or spatial distribution of valuable/rare/protected and invasive species.


The App allows for an easy, fast and comprehensive flow of information from the field. It also enables the user to save location of the animal, its sex, age and species in just a few easy steps. 


The degree of detail of gathered data depends solely on the user’s involvement.

Follow deer

- Employees of State Forests

- Representatives of Polish Hunting Association

- Academics

Nature Enthusiasts

- Collecting data necessary for annual hunting plan and long term breeding plans.

- Collecting more reliable and complex data annually and enhancing the general data.

- Monitoring of invasive species, e.g. american mink.

Creating a useful and credible spatial database of forest animals for the area of use.

- User-friendly

- Fast information flow allows for a fast reaction

Better control of forest animal's population of valuable 

- Ongoing monitoring.

- High accuracy of observation in difficult forest surrendings