Our services

Services with the use of camera-traps:

Annual/periodic animal monitoring.

Observing the habitats of preserved species.

Acquiring the educational material of local fauna.

Estimating animal numbers.

Estimating the damages in cultivation of agricultural products.

Damages in agricultural cultivation affect not only small land owners but also large companies. Thanks to relevant and considerable experience combined with high tech equipment, our team has created a comprehensive service for estimating damages in farming.


After receiving a declaration of damages, our team goes through a swift process comprising of preliminary project work, continued by terrain work. Field work is combined into two elements:

1. Flights by UAV’s with multispectral camera and high resolution visible-light camera.

2. Gathering samples from the crops followed by a thorough analysis by a team of experts.


The client is left with a full report which can be treated as a document confirming the damages or serve as proof in a court case. It contains information on the scale and possible causes of the damages. Additionally, it is accompanied by a detailed situational map.

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